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Thread: Basic Tools required - a bit of direction appreciated

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    Basic Tools required - a bit of direction appreciated


    Have got an idea for a website but initially just a project for something to do.

    Basically, will be a search page by ZipCode/Postcode/Location for a specific entity e.g. a type of shop with possible reviews.

    So I will need a database to store all the locations and then a simple search page and then a result page.

    I did something similar many years ago(15) which I never published, where I had a Access back end and used a .asp for searching. I think I used dreamweaver!? for the development. It was never published and gave up once I got the search to work!

    I have registered a domain name but not sure what to do for hosting and development tools.

    Was thinking MYSQL for the database and would hope to have some google/amazon adverts bars at the side so looking for a basic tool kit to have for this development.

    Many thanks

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    MySQL is obsolete, (or nearly so). It should not be used for a new database.
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    Just wondering why do you need MSQL? or If you create a site like in CMS wordpress then yes it should apply in.

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