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Thread: Hi! Need Help Here Regarding the Visibility of Scrollbar

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    Question Hi! Need Help Here Regarding the Visibility of Scrollbar

    Hi! Yeah, uhmm.. I'm here because I'd like to ask something. I don't know if I'm in the right category but since it has mobile in it I'll put it here. XP.

    I'd like to ask if there is anyway I could make a page div visible in all tablet and mobile device. I kind of customized my scrollbar but when I tested it in my tablet the horror is the scrollbar is not visible making it look confusing and broken to the users. So.. please, any advice or help? I'll be waiting for the reply. Thank you so much in advance.

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    Tablet and Smartphones are touch device so the scroll not works in the way it works in Desktop. ALso i had seen that by default the scroll are not visible to user. They drag the webpage to make it visible.

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    The answer is: do not customize the scroll bars, or, at least, if you do, make sure that your code works with mobiles as well!!! And don't think of forcing the scroll bars to appear. Tricks like that often p**s o** the users and lose you traffic.

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