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Thread: PHP help

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    PHP help

    hi i am working on building a php site that

    will show ad page on a 5 min counter and when 5 min is up complete a action

    i also need a username logging

    have some skills with html and have been reading and learning as much as i can about php and relize this is what i need

    i also see that this probably is only a half hour task for someone with the skills i need and would greatly apreciate that persons help

    // make it worth thare while

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    also need a backend with username's tied to creating and manageing the ads
    if someone could make up the codes and show me the variables it would be greatly apreciated

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    ok more simply i want to creat a series of 4 pages

    page 1 -banner timer with complete button apper after set time rest of page dislay html??varianle1??

    page 2 chck verification page between pages with auth code

    page 3 initail signup via username only ??username??

    page 4 users able to add ??variable1?? bid amount ??variable??

    i have been getting more comfortable with https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/PHP_developer_intro as will be using it to both pay and collect

    page 2 complete

    need help
    - building good post forms to control api
    - page1 rrr just complexe

    i want this whole thing to be very similar to http://bitvisitor.com

    idealy i am going to be just using ltc&btc instead of just btc

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    if you are curious to this use my username 13rjacJRXbrwq5oUAy8eYu6CrqDjG3XMjx

    at bitvisitor.com and run threw it i want that but ltc and it seems real simple just might take me 2 or 3 month 2 put 2gether sure someone with some talent could do it in 30 min easy

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    I don't think here we really help someone do an entire project for them. Perhaps someone would if there was some sort of financial incentive.

    I also wouldn't expect this to be done in 30 minutes.

    The goal of these types of forums is to help you learn, understand, to improve yourself. Hopefully one day you would also contribute back to the community in similar way.

    However asking people to do an entire project for you is a little too much. (OK, a lot too much)

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    thanks for your help really you r a master of php i can tell u just really r so good at helping people

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    Your sarcasm has just doomed you. Gravy was spot on in telling you that forums aren't for writing your code for you - they are for helping you out with problems in your code, or advice on how to do something the proper way.

    Continue to read up on php and you might try an etiquette book as well. And a dictionary to learn how to spell. And a grammer book to learn how to write English properly.
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