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Thread: Lag in IE due to CSS. Pls help.

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    Lag in IE due to CSS. Pls help.

    When conducting test on a system, I encountered slowness when navigating from say, page A to page B in IE browser.No issue in other browsers like Firefox,Chrome etc.

    Was told by the developer they will resolve it by changing the following code in page B. What's the different between the two? Will it resolve the issue? Pls advise.

    Current : <div style=”display:none;”>

    Propose Change: <div style=”height:0px;overflow:hidden”>

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    There should be no real difference...

    NOT that value should be stated in the markup; if the page is slow, it's probably because they have STYLE attributes all over the markup so they aren't leveraging cache, semantic markup, inheritance...

    I'd have to see the entire site to see, but I smell "JavaScript for nothing", probably HTML 5 before it's actually ready for use with one of those stupid "shim" like modernizr, and probably a CSS framework in the mix too. That's guessing wildly without seeing the site in question, but it's an educated guess.

    How big is a typical page? How many separate files is it built from? Are you playing games with cache-control? How many social media plugins are present and are they blocking the page render?

    Without seeing the site in question, it's going to be hard to tell you a whole lot.

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