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Thread: simple way of comparing different integers

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    simple way of comparing different integers

    hi all..

    is there any easy way of comparing diff integers ? like

    i have four int a=1,b=4,c=1,d=9;

    and if i use if else it will be long way is there any sort ways of doing these ?

    i need something like



    //a is greater


    else if(b>a&&b>c&&b>c)


    //b is greater


    else if(a==b&&a>c&&a>d)


    //a and b are equal


    else if(a==b&&a==c&&a>d)


    //a,b and c are equal





    can anyone can help me with this please?

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    This is the best method to solve and compare the integers......

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    Stick 'em in an array, and use Array.Sort

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    Great and informative method dear.

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