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Thread: Trouble with @media

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    Unhappy Trouble with @media

    I'm working on a responsive design and I was going by how they do it in the example on http://foodsense.is. Right now I am just testing out the full screen design and the mobile phone design for the CSS. However I cannot get my phone to respond to the same rules as the foodsense website does.

    My phones screen is 1920x1080 resolution. However when I view the foodsense website it uses this query, @media only screen and (max-width: 767px). It's past the max width but is still setting the width of the body to the 320px design for phones as specified in that media query. I tried doing same thing on a design I am working on (http://sicsportsagency.com/soccer/), but have had no luck getting it to display with the 320px layout as they do.

    I've been looking into this for 3 hours now and have not found a solution. Any thoughts?

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    My thought is: don't use @media, use media-specific style sheets instead. I find them far easier to understand!

    There are a number of @media commands in the style sheet, how do you know it was that specific @media command that is being used???
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