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Thread: choosing a good domain name for my website

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    choosing a good domain name for my website

    What are things to consider before choosing a good domain name for my website?

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    I believe while registering domain name one should focus on

    1) If domain as Company name available then it should be first Priority . For example if someone company name is Fedix India . They should try domain name as fedixindia.com

    2) Other options are domain should be short , easy to spell , easy to remembered, easy to pronounce , should reflect theme of business

    Now days keywords oriented domains does not matter in search Engines so try search domain which catchy and reflects true image of your business.


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    Choosing a domain name is definitely a very important step in launching a site that will be successful in the future. While choosing .com, short and easy to remember domain names are tips that you might have known of, there are some other great tips like optimal domain name registration length (yes, it makes a difference!), social handle availability and even private registrations are very important things to remember when choosing a domain name.

    I found all these great points in this post here. How to choose a domain name - Money Looms. Hope it helps.

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