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Thread: Sytling select boxes

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    Sytling select boxes

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to style a select box to make it match my input box but it isn't working like I thought it would. I have been out researching but everything I see is in CSS (I don't know CSS) yet.
    Here is an example of my input box:

    <label for"TxtName">Name:</label><INPUT STYLE="font-size:18;height:30;width:450;border:3px outset" TYPE="TEXT" NAME="TxtName" align="center" value="" onfocus="this.value='';">

    now this works like I want to put a border around my box. Here is what I am trying with the select box:

    <label for="Organization">Organization:<label><select name="Organization:" style="font-size:18;height:30;width:450;border:3px outset" id="selectBox1" onchange="changeFunc1(this.value)" size="1" >

    Maybe somebody can clue me in, I don't mind using CSS, I understand it some but not enough I guess.

    Thanks in advance!

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    They seem to be styling the same for me:


    I did have to close your select box though.
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