Has anyone here worked with/created a website using Graffiti (http://graffiticms.codeplex.com/)? It's a CMS that is open source, but I've been experiencing back-end lag times (front-end works great - i.e. loads quickly) using this CMS and was wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

Someone else programmed the site using Graffiti for the place I am interning at for the summer and so it's too late to go back and do everything over using a different CMS. So I was hoping to figure out what was causing the slowness in Graffiti in the hopes of fixing it b/c that's the only thing preventing the site from working efficiently. Just confused as to whether the back-end slowness is the result of a badly-implemented CMS or just a byproduct of using Graffiti.

Just to clarify the question I'm asking: The website was created using Graffiti three years ago and in its first two years in existence, it was housed by a third-party server (so like GoDaddy.com or something) and there was no front-end or back-end slowness at this point in time. Then, a year ago the website was moved to an on-site server for cost reasons and, suddenly, the site started to experience back-end issues (lags), but front-end still remained working great. Also, another website (implemented using WordPress as the CMS) is also housed on the on-site server and this site experiences no lagging. So I'm trying to pinpoint whether it's a server issue, Graffiti issue, or whatever else that I'm not considering.