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Thread: Custom responsive image slider

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    Custom responsive image slider

    Hey, Ive attached a link to picture of an image slider that i need to create but I am new to web design and dont know exactly how i can make it. Would somebody help me with this?


    the logo and image slider are binded together in a container or something so they are always side by side and the navigation button on the slider are on the outside, not lying on the images. I would need it to be responsive too. Would really appreciated the help, thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kralcx View Post
    Thanks for that but it doesnt really help me about my custom slider and logo container, any other suggestions?

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    edit* not sure if the link works but heres another: http://i.imgur.com/VBuIPsN.jpg?1?4391

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    Given the picture, and it being a image slider/rotator, I'm not sure you understand what "responsive" means.

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