I have created these 3 columns in my mysql table so I can have a list of each users transactions.
ticket_date, ticket_num, ticket_result
I also created a function to echo the value in those columns and it worked successfully.
PHP Code:
$sql "SELECT *
                         FROM members
                         WHERE user_id = '
$query $this->db_connection->query($sql);
               while (
$row $query->fetch_object()) {
$me $row->ticket_num;
$me2 $row->ticket_result;
$date $row->ticket_date
PHP Code:
<td><?php echo $date?> </td>
<td><?php echo $me?> </td>
<td><?php echo $me2?> </td>
My problem now is that if a user has more than one transaction how would I be able to echo each value from the let's say
column separately. I was thinking of something like an array where I can call
PHP Code: