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Thread: DropDown on MouseOver

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    DropDown on MouseOver

    onmouseOver of eacuser i want to show the change password dropdown and on clicking of that change password it will open some pop up window.please refer to the attached image once .My Code is pasted below:

    <div id="appLinks">
    <ul id="appLinks_list" class="nav">
    <span id="appLink_csrname" class="ui-state-default csrname">eacuser</span>
    <li id="appLink_about" rtlOrder="3"><a title="tooltip" href="javascriptpenAboutDialog();">&nbsp; About</a></li>
    <li id="appLink_help" rtlOrder="3"><a title="help" href="javascriptpenHelpDialog();">&nbsp; Help</a></li>


    // Reorder the applinks when RTL
    if ($('html').css('direction') == 'rtl'){
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    You should bear in mind that touch screen devices may not have a mouseover function. So you should not use mouseover for essential functions, like offering a login prompt, unless there is also another way of accessing the prompt.

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    Likewise if it's a mouseover dropdown, you probably have no business throwing javascript at it either except maybe a .htc shim for IE6/earlier; with CSS you can use media queries to make it useful without the mouseover effect on mobile; like using :target or just showing the element.

    This kind of looks like a case of forgetting the unwritten rule of JavaScript -- if you can't make the page work without scripting FIRST, you likely have no business adding scripting to it.

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