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Thread: Safari 6.1.4 : no audio

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    Safari 6.1.4 : no audio

    Hi comrades:

    I just updated to Safari 6.1.4. (OSX 10.8.5).

    It won't play audio in an html5 page (ff, chrome, opera all good).

    Asking it to open any audio file on the desktop, the audio files are all greyed out: so it doesn't appear to be an internet issue.

    It was, until this, my browser of choice for testing and debugging.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hard to say without seeing an example page that's failing...

    While I advocate testing in all the major browsers, I wonder why you'd use it as your go-to for testing and debugging given how horribly crippled it is compared to Chrome or FF. (or even Opera 12) -- but then as a "real" Opera user (as opposed to the disaster that is ChrOpera) I think every other browser is pathetic crippleware in terms of the UI.

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    I take some of it it back: I was testing locally.

    Online, depending on how you set Safari's security preferences, Quicktime is invoked and the pages play ok.

    Locally, it's still no go: doesn't matter how you set the "user agent" in the developer menu— 6.1, ff etc—it doesn't play. Suspect it's something I still haven't sussed out.

    Why Safari ? I'm primitive: I liked Firefox's old 'error' console, which has been buried deep in the developer menu in recent versions. Safari gives me immediate chapter and verse if I make an error (most often a typo in the js or something equally basic).


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    Safari usually doesn't play videos.

    If the site isn't supposed to play videos on the iPhone, it usually won't or there will be some type of problem with it just like you are having.

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