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Thread: How should I start? What to do?

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    Question How should I start? What to do?

    Hey Guys I was wondering how I should begin to tackle this problem with my JavaScript scenario:
    Anything from pseudo code to code to how I should think about it (eg. while this is happening loop that) is GREATLY appreciated. I have tried for hours and cannot get this to work ;(
    A bricklayer wants an app on his phone that calculates quotes for brick retaining walls.

    50 bricks per square metre

    Bricks cost $435 per 1000

    Brickie charges $1050 per $1000 to lay.

    If you feel you are on a role or are a great coder it would be appreciated if you could help me with this although as it is harder understand if it is too dificult

    Tom wants to find out his BMI (Body Mass Index) and what category he falls under (Underweight, Normal, Overweight and Obese).

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    Firstly, these calculations are so blindingly simple that it's impossible to believe you have spent hours on them and can't even come up with pseudo code to show for your efforts.

    Secondly, the questions practically are pseudo code, but to put it into numbers:

    1 (y being number of sq metres to lay)

    y * 50 = number of bricks needed (a)

    435 / 1000 = cost per brick (b)

    a * b = cost of bricks (c)

    (c / 1000) * 1050 = labor cost (d)

    c + d = total cost

    of course what you want to do with remainders, etc, is something you should think about

    2. (y being height in metres of subject)

    Wikipedia says that BMI is calculated by

    kg / (y2), and (simplified)

    underweight is BMI < 18.5
    normal is BMI > 18.5 and < 25
    overweight is BMI > 25 and < 30
    obese is > 30

    You won't find many people here willing to do your entire homework assignment for you, but if you show some effort (and post the code that results) and ask specific questions about problems you are facing, you will almost certainly find people willing to help

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    thanks so much man glad for the heads up and yeah, will people here help with debugging I have completed a piece of code that doesn't run because something is obviously not were it is suppose to be

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    yeah, we'll probably help with debugging. You should look at it first in your browser's error console, though - that's the first step in debugging any piece of javascript

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