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Thread: WordPress and PHP Frameworks

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    Question WordPress and PHP Frameworks

    It may be the worst question in the forum, but I really need to ask.

    If WordPress can do so much so easily, why do we need to learn PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, that seem so hard. What can be built with these frameworks that is in demand.

    Please don't be annoyed with the naivety of the question. I would really appreciate some insights regarding this matter.

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    Web sites that need to do something that WordPress (or other CMS's) don't do as easily or as well. If you actually know PHP (or other server-side web programming languages) and need to do something specific, it's often easier to just write the code yourself from the ground up (or from a pre-made foundation up by using a framework), as opposed to figuring out how to make your square peg fit into the round hole that WordPress provides -- and then trying to figure out how to fix it when something breaks (not to mention deciding when you need to keep up with WordPress updates versus not risking them breaking your site).

    As an example, trying to build FaceBook on top of WordPress would be rather challenging, I think, and probably wouldn't scale well to support hundreds of millions of users, I suspect. However, if your goal is to build similar, basic sites for businesses that are mainly just looking for web presence and e-sales, it's likely WordPress or other CMS's are an adequate solution.
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