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Thread: What are steps on making web page using html code?

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    What are steps on making web page using html code?

    What are steps on making web page using html code?

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    You need to learn the structure of a web page, and the use of the basic tags. HTML is only one component of a web page: the markup. Of equal importance is CSS: the style sheet. You need a good grasp of both before you learn JavaScript and/or PHP, which are other important components of many sites.

    When it comes to actually building a site, you need to start with the content: what it is about. You can:

    - Write the content as a pure ascii text file (rather than a word processed document). Note: Word processors tend to stuff the file full of non-ascii characters that are invalid in web pages.

    - Then add the basic markup to turn it into web pages, and to control how the pages are linked.

    - Then add the style sheet that controls how it looks.
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    Basic HTML and CSS code only need to creating a simple wep page.

    1. Open HTML editor(notepad, notepad++,Dreanweaver).

    2.Type the HTML and CSS code.

    3.Save that code with ".html" extension.

    4.Then Run the File.

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    Structure of web is very important to making web page html code.

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