Greetings people,

I plan to start an Indiegogo campaign for a social media website called Stratospark. This social media site is a brainstorming website that allows users to post ideas centered around a main topic. The idea posts (possibly called "sparks") can contain a video, image, text, or drawing, and appear as hubs in a visual diagram that floats in a 3D space. I plan to use Indiegogo--a crowdfunding website--to raise money for Stratospark.

HOWEVER! Before I start the campaign, I'm doing something a bit special in an effort to raise awareness. I'm hosting a video contest. I'd like you to submit of\\a video that showcases someone (be it your uncle, brother, or dog) enacting a "bad idea." It strangely fits with the theme of Stratospark, which is all about bringing good, innovative ideas. Three videos will be chosen as winners on June 27th.

To enter, go to the Stratospark Facebook page:

and post a video! I need all submissions in by June 26th. Further contest rules are on that Facebook page. The winning videos will be used in an ad campaign specifically for promoting my Indiegogo project.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave a reply. Thank you for reading.