Might anyone here have any recommendations for a user-friendly, template-providing web design software, preferably that has a business presence here in the USA (for accountability's sake)?

My experience is that:

**Dreamweaver is woefully lacking when it comes to generating templates. One apparently has to be a coder, basically, and obtain coding externally that I have found to work merely sporadically. It has been a major disappointment after all I've spent on Dreamweaver over the years. Meanwhile:

**Xara.com is based in the United Kingdom and hopefully won't set up shop in the U.S.A. I wasted a significant amount of money and also weeks of time learning their recently released Web Designer 10 software. It doesn't even upload via FTP like they advertise that it will, though. It has bugs on other fronts, as well. The worst of all is their technical support. Their "support" staff will get back to you but not in meaningful ways, as they seem to know that their software "upgrades" are not ready for prime time. You'll wind up wasting loads of time hoping that they'll finally remedy matters. Good luck with that. It won't happen but they won't admit to being at fault. Good luck getting a refund despite a timely request, too...

**I have heard about Holland's: http://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com but after my negative experiences with Xara.com, I do not particularly want to deal with more companies that don't have a presence here in the USA.

Any suggestions for designing template-containing websites affordably and efficiently, please? Again, I have Dreamweaver but I'm not a coder so fancy templates evidently aren't within my grasp using that software.