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Thread: Can we get back links from blogger?

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    Yes we can get Backlinks from Blogger.adding your website’s url and you are done.

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    Find the blogs in your industry and leave a comment so that others can learn from and that the blog owner will be impressed by.

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    It is possible but pointless with todays search engines.

    A time existed where it was important to get a back link because your sites survival and popularity depended on it, nowadays we have search engines to house site links and do all the ranking and listing in searches.

    So your primary goal is to maintain a web presence and keep your site accurate and up to date and the search engines will keep the links updated.
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    Yes You can get backlinks from blooger, you should need to upload good quality content on blogger and get backlinks from it.

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    Yes its easy as you read these answers. Even we get backlink with profile which display on a blogger blog and have our website link.

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