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Thread: [RESOLVED] Sorting by a calculated field

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Sorting by a calculated field

    I am trying to sort by a calculated field. I have 2 tables: lss1 and lss2. Each are the same. I am trying to get a sort order for their total number of hours.

    This is what I have but no total shows and the sorting does not happen.

    PHP Code:
    $sql="SELECT SUM(lss1.hours + lss2.hours) AS totalhours FROM lss1, lss2 WHERE lss1.lawyer=\"$profname\" OR lss2.lawyer=\"$profname\" ORDER BY totalhours desc";
    $result mysql_query($sql) or die(("Error: ".mysql_error().$sql));
    while (
    $rows=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
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