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Thread: Why long tail keywords are getting ranked fastly on Search Engine?

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    What you have to do is to provide accurate and relevant keywords that your site uses, it is no use advertising that your site is about wrist watches when you sell knives and forks.
    Which is precisely what I meant when I said that if you have proper well written content on the subject the site is about, "keywords" and common phrases on the subject should already be in there! It's why things like "keywords research" is more placebo and scam than reality; getting ranked for things that wouldn't naturally appear in the subject at hand is worthless; and if your content doesn't contain the phrases the SEO scammer tries to convince you should be in there, it's either poorly written or the SEO "expert" doesn't know enough on your topic to be researching anything for you.

    The latter most often being the case.

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    Long tail keywords comes in rank fast because long tail keyword have not competition.

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    After Google Humming Bird update, the Google started displaying or showing results for search queries that are conversational. These results are specific with less competition. So, it is easy to get rank for these types of keywords.

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