> So here is my situation, I have a configurator with dropdowns that
> configure a seven digit part number. Works great. But now I need to
> add a pricing calculator to it. Here is my problem, the first four
> dropdown menu pricing are from completely different tables. So for
> example, we have a Series A with a weight from another table and a
> color from another table and quantity from another. There is no adder,
> no common number. I would like to come up with some kind of script to
> where I can combine A, B, and C into one price and configure the rest
> as a calculator to add to the combined number of A, B and C.
> Here is how it would works:
> Series A is $1,633 Series B is $1,647 Series C is $1,669
> Series A unit 1 is $1,646 Series B unit 2 is $1,657 Series C unit 3 is
> $1,759
> Series A color 1 is $1,686 Series B color 2 is $1,696 Series C color 3
> is $1,687 Series D color 3 is $1,633
> Series A in quantity 1 is $1,633 Series A in quantity 2 is $1,508
> Series A in quantity 10 is $1,342 Series A in quantity 20 is $1,310
> Any thoughts? I would think a javascript would work, but I am not sure
> where to start. I need the first four options to come up with one
> price and the last three to simple configure to the calculator. Any
> ideas are welcomed. Thank you.