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Thread: Using Post Twice in 1 Script

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    Question Using Post Twice in 1 Script

    Hello there Javascripters,

    I am making a little website just for myself, not going to put it online. But anyways i want to make it completely without refresh. So i'm making the Register and Login system now. And i post the variables to a php script which does all the stuff and then send back the result.

    But the problem now is that only the Login script works. There is NOTHING wrong with the Register script. The problem is that the post method only works once in a script. If i comment the login post script the Register post script works fine. So how can i use both? This is the post method i use:

    $.post("RegisterPost.php And LoginPost.php", {Username: Username, Password: Password}, function(response)
    if(response == "Registered Or Logged In")
    // do something
    Thanks in advance,

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    EDIT: I fixed it already, the problem was that i didnt handle some stuff in the php code... XD

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    How you are using twin post in 1 script?

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