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Thread: Merging two sites so to speak.

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    Merging two sites so to speak.

    I am creating a site for a friend and I have ran into a speed bump. The idea of her site is that she wants to merge blogs and sites that she has found helpful into one area for other people to see and benefit from. After searching online I have figured how I can have those with RSS feeds show up and update.
    I can't figure out how to get the sites that have no RSS feeds or are not traditional blogs to show up and update on the new Web site. Is this possible? The idea is for visitors to be able to view the other blog or site without having to be directed off her site.

    Thank you in advance.

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    From what you say, perhaps you can use IFrames for this purpose?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedaisoul View Post
    From what you say, perhaps you can use IFrames for this purpose?
    what i feel iframe may not serve the need, it can only show the contents but not helpful to user. When a content is already in other webpage why we bother to go on the page that just put as it is on thier. Google will not index such pages. IF they works as like Google news segregating the many things in one than it may be useful and yeah need to link that page also.

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    you just link that site name from in your site.

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