Hey all, I've created a program and I'm trying to develop my own website to host the program (is that what it is?) and I'm just stuck as to how to do so. Currently I program in visual basic, and I'm familiar with C++.

I've got a few questions because I'm unsure as to how to get started with making my website.

To begin; in visual basic, you have a toolbox with many things such as buttons, label controls, text boxes, tab control, list views etc if I have created a program already in visual basic, how would I then convert it to a website, is there a way I can bring my buttons, label controls text boxes etc that I already have on my vb program to a web page, or do I need to actually create my own versions of those tools in the code in lets say HTML or PHP or whatever I end up using. So I guess what i'm trying to say is would I need to create a button in the website language then copy my VB code into there in order to perform the same task... I'm just really confused on how to convert my program into a website.

Should I continue programming my idea in visual basic or should I just stop doing that, develop my website and code there (is programming in vb a waste of time, or will it help later on?)

Also, what's a good website development software (is that what it is?), is Dreamweaver good for what I'm trying to do, or can someone guide me in the right direction.

One more question, how does a website like youtube work, how do they incorporate the programming into the website, that's what i'm most confused about

I'm sorry if none of that made sense I don't really know how to put my confusion into words... lol. Anyway any help is great, I'll browse this website while I'm awaiting a response Thanks!