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Thread: Trying to create my own website. I need help getting started

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    Trying to create my own website. I need help getting started

    Hey all, I've created a program and I'm trying to develop my own website to host the program (is that what it is?) and I'm just stuck as to how to do so. Currently I program in visual basic, and I'm familiar with C++.

    I've got a few questions because I'm unsure as to how to get started with making my website.

    To begin; in visual basic, you have a toolbox with many things such as buttons, label controls, text boxes, tab control, list views etc if I have created a program already in visual basic, how would I then convert it to a website, is there a way I can bring my buttons, label controls text boxes etc that I already have on my vb program to a web page, or do I need to actually create my own versions of those tools in the code in lets say HTML or PHP or whatever I end up using. So I guess what i'm trying to say is would I need to create a button in the website language then copy my VB code into there in order to perform the same task... I'm just really confused on how to convert my program into a website.

    Should I continue programming my idea in visual basic or should I just stop doing that, develop my website and code there (is programming in vb a waste of time, or will it help later on?)

    Also, what's a good website development software (is that what it is?), is Dreamweaver good for what I'm trying to do, or can someone guide me in the right direction.

    One more question, how does a website like youtube work, how do they incorporate the programming into the website, that's what i'm most confused about

    I'm sorry if none of that made sense I don't really know how to put my confusion into words... lol. Anyway any help is great, I'll browse this website while I'm awaiting a response Thanks!

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    For proper guidance of php or html languages you can log on to w3cschools.

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    Right for learning purpose w3cschools is best.

    Quote Originally Posted by mehrishaly View Post
    For proper guidance of php or html languages you can log on to w3cschools.

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    If the bulk of your programming experience is in VB and C++, you might want to look into a Microsoft Server environment using the .NET framework (and Visual Basic .NET or C#). Of course, this is probably going to cost more, since M$ does not provide their stuff as open source, while the components of a typical LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) are open source.
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    Dreamweaver is fine for static HTML/CSS websites. However for dynamic ones which are easily editable or require user contribution you will need PHP/MySQL. YouTube is probably part programmed in python, I know Google is.

    Helpful Websites:

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    My website will definitely need user contribution. for example, say I want to make a calculator website. I create a website form with different buttons from 0-9 and multiplication as well as division and an = button. I'm going to do all the coding in visual basic programming language, where would I put that code? like do I need to include something saying to the notepad++ saying hey, allow vb.net code to be used in it?... I just don't know where to get started with bringing the actual program I made from VB to a website and I'm learning html5 and css3 right now but I still can't figure out how to perform my VB code on a website form

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    Also out of curiosity, how would I make it so that my actual code (not the website stuff, but the actual VB programming idea) is hidden so that nobody can access it besides myself? I guess so that it's compiled(?) and not open source? idk if that makes sense. sorry for the double post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitrioss View Post
    Also out of curiosity, how would I make it so that my actual code (not the website stuff, but the actual VB programming idea) is hidden so that nobody can access it besides myself? I guess so that it's compiled(?) and not open source? idk if that makes sense. sorry for the double post
    What you need to do is do the calc server-side in PHP. This is easier than it may sound, because you can embed the PHP in the html page. It is stripped out by the server, so is not visible to users. The page (including the PHP) code could be something like:

    <meta charset="iso-8859-1">
    <title>Calc demo</title>
    if(isset($_GET['go'])) {
    $c = $a * $b;
    } else {
    <form action="" method=GET>
    <input type=text name="A" value=<?php echo $a; ?>>&nbsp;*&nbsp;
    <input type=text name="B" value=<?php echo $b; ?>>&nbsp;=&nbsp;
    <?php echo $c; ?><br>
    <input type=submit name="go" value="go">&nbsp;
    <input type=submit name="clear" value="clear">
    The only complication is that, being server code, it won't run in your browser. So you need to put the code in a file called "index.php" and either:

    1. put it on a live server (not recommended). Access the page like any other web page.

    2. Put it on a local server in a directory, say, "/calc/" (recommended). Access the page "http://localserver/calc/".

    I use WAMP server as my local server. Its free and the setup is automated.
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    Okay, so then I need to convert whatever I've done in visual basic, into PHP or JavaScript so that I can run it on the website, or does PHP support VB language?

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    There may be a way to access VB code, particularly if you are on a Microsoft server, but that is outside my expertise. I use PHP because it is the most widely supported server language. I'd suggest that you use PHP.

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    If you want to learn some code visit this website buckysroom(dot)org. it contain about two hundred video about php coding.

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    Okay, so I'll just need to re write my code in a server side PHP coding then. That's all I needed to know lol thanks guys

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    If you want to make your own site start with HTML or php.

    If you are beginner and have no idea how to make it through then learn through w3cschools

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    Sounds really nice that you are self learner. For self learning many tutorial are available. I mostly use W3School and for better understanding Youtube tutorials.

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    Yeah i've been using youtube a lot and it's helped but I found a $42.50 1 day course for html css and php that i'm going to take soon so I can get a better understanding and more practice with web development, then I should be able to cruise through the programming of the website rather than slug through it

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