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Thread: Reffering Link Question

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    Reffering Link Question

    Hi, I had been seeming something strange in my html log this couple days. Usually, when someone visit my website it will pull the images, js, etc in that page all will have a reffering url of the page they are visiting. But these two days I had seen a couple of the log that when a visitor visit a page and trying to pull the images, js, etc. it is showing google.com as the reffering url instead of the page been visited. Anyone know why is it doing that?

    URL (image1.jpg) referring url (page1.html)

    strange behavior
    URL (image1.jpg) referring url (google.com)

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    I guess, If it is google.com then it may be google trying to check any changes to your website for Indexing purpose. If it is not google.com or other crawlers then check that domain whether it is framing your images or not.

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