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Thread: help in question related seo?

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    help in question related seo?

    i want to know that my site is new enough which is related to mechanical field and there is another site that is 10 years old domain name.
    my question is this possible that my new site get high rank as compared to the 10 year old domain name site

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    That would all depend on how well written the old site is, how fresh it's content is, how many backlinks it has -- as compared to how well written the content for the new site is, if people are willing to link to it or share it on social media organically.

    Older domains do tend to rank better as a matter of 'trust' by the search engines -- but if you have well written content marked up semantically, with natural backlinks from relevant sites and social media shares, you'll do fine.

    It is a factor, but if you can outdo them on all the other factors, sure, you can probably catch up to them.

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    i think yes domain age matter but for the google only other search engine not considered the age of the domain

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    Domain age really matters but this can be happen that a 1 or 2 year old domain site has a pr higher than that of the 10 year old domain. Actually for understanding this concept one must be aware of the page ranking factors. It all depends upon the credibility and reputation.

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    Yes it can but it depends for example it depends on your website's authority and trust level as well, because older domain are more trustworthy domain as compare to new domains. But if you have reasonable amount of links and people are talking about you then you have more chances you can come up.

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