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Thread: How to recover punished website from Google Panda,Google Penguin and Other Algorithms

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    Unhappy How to recover punished website from Google Panda,Google Penguin and Other Algorithms


    If your website is punished from Google Panda ,Penguin and other algorithms, then what is yours strategy or plan to recover your website


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    STOP using SEO scam artist trickery, and instead build the website PROPERLY with well written content of value, semantic markup, separation of presentation from content, with normal promotion via relevant backlinks on relevant sites, and social media promotion.

    IF you got "punished" by a Google update -- like panda, like penguin, you were probably doing something wrong and to be frank, deserved to be slapped down for it.

    SEO "experts" don't want to hear that, but it's the truth of it! Most of the typical sleazy scam artist SEO "techniques" is 100% grade A farm fresh manure, and the people who have turned it into a cottage industry with dip****s where it's "all they do" or worse, entire nube-predating companies robbing people blind -- are all nothing more than snake oil doctors like you'd find in the old west centuries ago. We're talking flim-flam so well crafted it probably makes the likes of Don Lapre jealous.

    It's all little more than shameful predatory behavior taking advantage of people who just refuse to accept that it's a scam out of apathy, ignorance, or just plain wishful thinking.

    SEO is a small but important part of building a website, you start 'specializing' in it and using sneaky tricks that have NOTHING to do with the actual user experience, you get what's coming to you when you get caught trying to game the system.

    As Matt Cutts keeps telling us, "Write for the user, not the search engine"... I'd add to that it wouldnt' help if people would bother learning what the HTML tags ARE, AND what they are FOR. The latter apparently being too much to ask of 99% plus of the people sleazing out websites any old way with the worst of browser wars practices, be it in "transition" from 1997 to 1998 coding practices, or the trip in the wayback machine to 1997 with Mr. Peabody that is HTML 5.

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