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    Smile Request for a review

    Hi guys, I've developed a website for a client and I'd like to have some critique on it.

    The page is intended for fun time. It is basically a superhero face-off contest like the ones you must be aware of. But rather than having a simple A v/s B polling mechanism I have tried to make it more interesting by adding character bios and hero teasers etc.

    This is the link to the website - http://superheroes.tallenge.com/superhero.html

    Navigating through the entire process will take a minimum of 5 clicks for the first time visitor.

    Please review it.


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    I walked through your site real quick and as a first time user I think it's pretty good. There are only a few problems that I found. Firstly I feel like it needs some speed optimization. I found myself looking at the pages background for several seconds while everything was loading in. As a first time visitor this would be a little deterring. The only other issue I had was the poor thumbnail quality that you pulled from the web or trailer. Other wise I think this stands as a pretty good start to something fun and creative.

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