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Thread: Basic things of SEO to the new website?

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    Question Basic things of SEO to the new website?

    I have a new website and that does not optimize by Search Engine Optimization.What is the basic things of SEO to the new website?

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    SEO is first of all onpage optimization and then after offpage optimization.

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    You need to write content for your site, it should be new content and it is quality, unique.
    Please optimization htnl for your site

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    Have you tried social media websites? Its one good way to increase the value of your website effectively.

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    Add meta tags into ur website and dont forget to add sitemap and robort.txt file

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    1) How new is it. Indexing by the engines is NOT an 'instant' thing.

    2) How well written is it? Is it semantically marked up? How much content do you actually have?

    3) How many backlinks do you have and what social promotion have you done?

    Apart from that, without seeing the site in question it's difficult to diagnose further.

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    First of all do on page for your site like write meta tags, title tags, h1 tag, h2 tags after then do off page activity and smo also good for increase traffic.

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    Lots of things to do For SEO.

    Firstly you need to check your site structure whether it is SEO friendly or not. Check URL structure.

    Then after create a Meta information for all the pages and also create a good quality content for all the pages. Also create Robot.txt fie, XML Sitemap, W3C validation, etc.

    Add your site in Google Analytic and webmaster tool and put code of analytic and webmaster tool in your site.

    Then after you can start SEO OffPage activities and another SEO Work.

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