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Thread: Need host to replace Elief

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    Question Need host to replace Elief

    For the last 5 years we've used Elief.com for hosting, and it's been great! But, it seems since early may, no one works here any more, their own SSL has expired, and there's been no replies to emails. We need to move to a new host!

    Can I get recommendations of any inexpensive Web hosts that offer CPanel, has been around a while and is extremely reliable, and should be able to let us just copy our file backup and MySQL export over and get running? (After NS repointing of course.)

    Thanks for any suggestions!
    (Again good communication, reliable, well established are vital traits.)

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    What country???...... You should ALWAYS have your site hosted by a reputable firm within your own country if poss!

    Global would be "Godaddy" its massive, it stable.. but comes with the same kinda love you'd expect from any corporate giant..

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    The US. And I agree with the same country comment. Mostly. Our shopping cart used to be XCart which is made and supported by Russians, and they were AMAZING in providing support! I was always super impressed with them.

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    hostmantis is cheap. I paid $4.94 for six months shared web hosting with a coupon. Its good for small sites. Just depends on what you're looking for?

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