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Thread: favorite kind of music

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    favorite kind of music

    What type of music you loved most? I love listening to Christian music.

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    First off, word of warning, you think I'm an ass about web development? You get me started on music, you'll be lucky if I EVER shut up.

    It's very hard for me to nail down a specific genre as a 'favorite' -- part of that is being a musician, part of that is having perfect pitch, more of that is having been raised around people of varying, but exceedingly good taste. I'm a 70's kid and '80's teen who's grandmother was a jazz/opera singer who took him to see musicals of all sort until the age of 14 and let me hang out at adult bars with the live performers, who's mother was a talented pianist and vocalist, and who's father had a collection of music ranging from AC/DC to Zepplin... and a uncle who was a card carrying member of the Kiss army...

    I'm a fan of anything with a pulse, emotion, talent and actual feeling in it; sadly that puts a LOT of what other people like right out of the running since the pre-programmed pre-packaged cookie cutter style that perpetuates many genre's makes my ears want to bleed the same way '80's AM radio soft rock did as a child. Used to be there was a radio station in my hometown that played nothing but that wussy garbage -- their call letters were WPLM. "We Play Lousy Music" was the joke.

    Much of that though comes from being a musician (Sax, Flute, EWI, Bass) -- there's what USED to be called "non-committal music", I use the term these days and I get that stare like I have eight heads, but it refers to a type of music where the background behind the vocalist is so soulless you can either tell it's pre-programmed electronica, or that the artists are just going through the motions. Another great sign is when you sit there the whole song waiting for the song to actually start.

    Quite obviously this makes me a metalhead, and not that hair metal spandex crap; Motorhead, AC/DC, Metallica before the one with talent died (so pre Justice) and they were replaced by alien pods (which I figured was halfway through the black album), Jackyl... Though I don't tread too far into death metal as that DOES just become noise at a certain level of thrash. Hard Rock is good too -- despite the presence of disco pissing on music in that age, there were some really good hard rock bands in the late 70's and early '80's like Bad Company, 38 special...

    ... and mainstream rock of that era is cool too; there was this thing back then called... well, to be frank -- TALENT, that is sadly lacking of late thanks to auto-tune and computer generated backup.

    But I mean Rush, Kansas, Steve Miller Band, CCR, BTO, ELO, Boston (first album only -- one album wonder?), Heart (before they had the coolness sucked out of them in the '80's), Pat Benetar... all cool in my book.

    Which is not to say everything I listen to is 'hard' -- I've been a fan of Jazz (particularly pre-disco fusion) and blues; my Robert Cray and Albert Collins collection is complete. One of my favorite genre's is texas rock -- my favorite band in that genra being Omar and the Howlers... For those of you unfamiliar with the group, the funniest description I ever heard of them was "Captain Beefheart sings Creedence Clearwater" -- ok... for those of you unfamiliar with Captain Beefheart, he was that weird guy that used to hang around with Frank Zappa... that's a joke...

    Omar and the Howlers: Wall of Pride

    Likewise I like a good deal of early electronica like Gary Numan and the father of Electronica, Edgar Winters... but some of the later fusion stuff creeps in since as a fan and player of the EWI, I'm a Micheal Brecker fan.... From his early tapping a hole into the neck of a tenor sax for Funky Sea, Funky Dew:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO71hcTJDbA (part 1)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjTRO3ZXfbQ (part 2)
    (seriously, wait for the change at 2:00 -- and laugh at the bassist)

    To the early EWI performances:
    My crappy little high school quartet "Frayed edges" had opposite stage to this performance...

    ... and yes, Mike Stern stole the show with his guitar solo there; seriously if you are a guitar fan, start at the 6 minute mark, watch the next three minutes, and remember this was at a JAZZ festival in the '80's. He starts out with your typical jazz guitar, and then goes nutters.

    ... or with Steps Ahead:

    Of course, it's shocking how far the EWI has come:

    That's Bernie, I'm NOWHERE near as proficient on the instrument as he is. He's playing the same model EWI I have, using the software synth "Mr. Sax B" -- part of a set of MIND-BLOWINGLY incredible software synths from Sample Modeling.

    My love of fusion also means I collect a lot of late 60's and early 70's soundtracks; Lalo Schifrin is one of my favorites -- of course, you can't beat:

    It's also fun to collect porn themes, as they are actually some of the best pre-disco funk/fusion you can find -- the artists quite often being talented studio musicians on break.

    Though in general I do collect and listen to a lot of just strange things... often the more strange the better; Most people's "odd" tastes stop at things like Tool or NiN, or on the comedic side Wierd Al -- while a fan of all that, my tastes can be even more eclectic.

    Like "In Extremo" -- a band that performs medieval songs in dead languages as metal tunes with a mix of modern and period instruments.

    Or Van Canto, who performs metal tunes a-capella.

    Or Hayseed Dixie, who started out as a bluegrass AC/DC cover band.
    Those of you who know the song are probably rolling in the aisles; their cover of Aerosmiths "walk this way" is equally funny since it gives a whole new meaning too "her sister and her cousin".

    I'm also a fan of mashups, especially when it's painfully obvious the two songs are... well... from a musicians standpoint the same thing.

    Like... do you realize how many tickets they'd have sold if this actually happened?!?

    ... and this had me laughing, if for no other reason that Grover, and Ron Jeremy on Trumpet.
    Ok, it isn't actually Ron Jeremy, but a cousin maybe?

    I do like some hip-hop and RAP too... which is why this mashup cracked me up as I do like Nelly.

    While a LOT of rap is just noise to me, I do like a lot of the early stuff like Run DMC, and some of the early gangsta stuff; HUGE NWA fan... and CB4... Hence:

    But at the opposite end of the spectrum I can be just as happy listening to Big Band, especially classic 30's stuff like Cab Calloway... and I have a weakness for TALENTED female vocalists... when I say TALENTED I don't mean voiceless hacks like Celine or the plastic post-disney bimbos; I mean talent like Lisa Kelly... who when I met in Boston I damned near got on my knees like Wayne and Garth meeting Alice Cooper.

    See her Celtic Woman "New voyages" performance of "The voice"

    Though that also has Mairead Nesbitt in there, and I've been a fan of hers since back when she was prancing around with Micheal Flatley. See Mairead and Cora Smyth "Strings of Fire":

    Shame 'cause the poorly dubbed plastic bimbo's he had on stage in 2011 were pathetic by comparison.

    Though Celtic Woman in general is great:

    Though thinking of Flatley, I've already taught myself to play "Gypsy" on the EWI:

    and am in the process of learning "Fiery Nights"

    Interestingly the slower song is the harder one to learn to play; too many incidentals. (sharps and flats that don't match the key when tuned to Bb for tenor). Half tempted to transpose it to C, since "key" is meaningless on an electric instrument you can retune.

    Though the latter I do want to learn to play on my real Tenor too, though my parkinsonism is making that kind-of hard...

    So... yeah, pretty eclectic mix, right?
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    Side note, the music in the commercials trying to view those YT links I just posted, makes me want to punch someone in the face. EXACTLY the type of garbage I have no stomach for.

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    I suppose if I had to pick one favorite genre, it would progressive rock from mid/late 60's through the 70's. But that's still a minority of what I listen to, from classical symphonies to modern big-band jazz to whatever catches my ear with interesting and original melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. (I seldom pay a whole lot of attention to the lyrics.) If it has trumpets in it, all the better. (I was a music ed. major with trumpet as my main performance instrument.)

    A few of my "desert island" albums/CDs, to give you an idea:

    "Symbiosis" featuring Bill Evans, composed by Claus Ogerman
    "Live at the Fillmore" by Don Ellis
    "Carmina Burana" composed by Carl Orff
    "Animals" by Pink Floyd (my favorite album to write code to, so have to have that)
    "Chase" by Chase
    "The Koln Concert" by Kieth Jarrett
    "Close to the Edge" by Yes
    "Seconds Out" by Genesis, but just for the "Supper's Ready" track
    "Illinoise" by Sufjan Stevens
    I'd probably have to round it out with a Beethoven symphony or two, or some R. Strauss symphonic tone poems, or maybe Stravinsky's "Firebird"?
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    I am loving Indian classical music and Ghazal also. my favorite ghazal is: hum tere sahar me aaye hai mushafir ki tarah.

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    I currently listening to pop music.. and loving R&B and slowrock..it made me dance lovin' the beat and listening to music while driving made me relax and reminisce

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    I love Indian romantic music.

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    i like english music.

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    many kinds
    lots of songs........i don't really have a favorite, i like a lot....= ]

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    i like every kind of music.

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