I am planning to build a website for work. This will be my first website. I donít know HTML, CSS, Java or PHP, which I read I must learn in this order. Is it possible to edit the "themes" in Joomla and add the following features:
  • Inventory: Be able to log all the products received, their expiration dates, etc. Log when each item in the inventory is used up, display what products are nearing their expiration, show what must be ordered based on use over the year.
  • Service Log: When an equipment malfunctions, I want to be able to log when it happened, what happened, was there a service call put in, how was the issue resolved, etc. Once this is done, I want to be able to print a report at any time. If the same issue occurs down the road, I would like the user to be able to use keywords to search and find the reports to easily fix the issue.

Or is it better to build a website from scratch. Would using Joomla be a better alternative? How do I go about doing this?