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Thread: Hi, i have a question

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    Hi, i have a question

    Hello there.

    I have a question.
    I have an Minecraft Server where people can have Helper function.
    What's my idea:

    On my webpage (forum) i want to make an area named "Panel" where there people can make an Application for Helper.
    What i mean is they complete an form ( like contact forms ) and then after they press the submit button, the app they made to be send into an "Admin Panel" where i'm the only who can acces the admin area.
    Admin area must show up the completed forms made by people.

    If you don't understand i can make an photoshop scheme.
    It's any possiblity to do that ?
    I want to tell you i'm newbie in php i don't know anything about php.. but i will be really happy if someone can help me with that..

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    Sounds very ambitious for a self-proclaimed newbie.....

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