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Thread: Word Boundary

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    Word Boundary

    I have made a DEV tablet version of my website here - http://dyulgerova.info/mobile_dyulgerova/ and I made it so that when the user hovers over the "More.." tab of the nav bar a drop down menu appears. However, one of the words, "WordPress Plugins" have too big of a space between the two words, namely "WordPress" and "Plugins". Please let me know how I can fix it, thank you!

    If you shrink the viewport to 850PX or less, the nav bar will change.

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    I can't access your CSS file, so I can't reply definitively, but the word "Plugins" is wrapped to the next line. So check your CSS for <li> settings that might cause a big gap below a line.

    Also, there is an un-styled <span> around the word "Plugins" which is apparently doing nothing. You might try removing that to see if it makes any difference.

    As an aside, I would suggest that this site needs a lot of work before it would be suitable for viewing on a mobile. The attempt at making it responsive is poor and of little benefit as the main nav bar seems to not be responsive, and is too wide to fit on many screens.

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    I fixed the problem. The line-height property was set to 40px which forced the second part of the two words "WordPress Plugins" to go very low on the new line. So I just put this - [css]line-height: 21px;[/css] on my <a> element that was holding "WordPress Plugins" and fixed the problem.

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    Good work and it is also the latest version for this site.

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