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Thread: How can i get my image on Google Search Results?

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    How can i get my image on Google Search Results?

    I want to have my image on Google Search Results, how can add?

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    please first clear your query what you want to do do you want sear the image with the image?
    then you have to click on the image search on google and click on the camera sign and upload image there.

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    Add your image on imgfavedotcom. This site for image optimization and your image appear within 24 hours on Google image search results

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    First of all, you should upload your image online. You can upload image on blog, website and other image saving sites like flickr, picasa etc. then optimize it properly so that Google could find it easily. There are lots of articles and blog posts about image optimization. You can take help of those articles to optimize your uploaded image.

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    Use alt tags if you want the images in your website to be displayed in google search results or else submit the images in websites like flickr etc.

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