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Thread: Cross Browser Solution for XMLhttprequest

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    Cross Browser Solution for XMLhttprequest


    I'm currently working on a system built on the joomla framework and it manages videos and other items. Basically, I have an upload area where users can upload content and i'm using uber to manage the uploads. Also, on upload I assign certain tags to items that are upload. The upload content and tags are both handled by too different forms ( This structure cannot change). Basically, I've been using an XMLhttprequest POST to asynchronously send the data of both forms to different places. The issue that i'm having is that the POST sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and I tried using both FormData ( which is not supported by all browsers) and a regular XMLhttprequest by getting data and setting parameters both only work some of the time. Additionally I'm looking for advice on possible solutions if they exist that avoids using JQUERY.

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    Try the Vanilla method from Mozilla which offers plenty of cross browser compatibility.


    Keep scrolling through looking at the various elements and towards the end you can get the full script.
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