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Thread: Having trouble replacing an images' source?

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    Question Having trouble replacing an images' source?

    Hi, so I wanted to make an image change when clicked, seemed simple enough, but when I run the page and click the image- nothing happens. Worse still, I think I understand what's going on, which means I clearly don't if it isn't working!

    Here is my HTML:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <!-- References the external stylesheet -->
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="design.css">
    <title>SECTION - WELCOME</title>
    	<!--Central Image-->
    	<img src="./images/button_unpressed.jpg" alt="FORBIDDEN WEBSITE" id="displayed" onclick="imageChange(./images/button_pressed.jpg)"/>
    	    <script type = "text/javascript" src="functionality.js"></script>
    Here is my Javascript:

    document.getElementById("displayed").src = sourceVar;
    Thank you to anyone who helps

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    You need to declare the function with the use of

    function functionName( paramaters ){
        any actions to take...
    What you have is

    functionName( paramaters ){
        any actions to take...

    Your onclick event for the image
    has not been properly formatted

    Try to "enclose" the inner text in single quotes so you don't break the double quotes.
    Now in future you should use the web browsers console, most can be accessed with a press of F12 and see what errors are listed...
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