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Thread: Any tips of web design for a game review site?

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    Any tips of web design for a game review site?

    Hey there! :P

    I've new to the forum but I'm a Programmer / Web Developer of about 7 years, despite this I am terrible at Web Design.
    I have tried numerous tutorial websites and tried to mimic style of many free templates that exist to my own fashion, but to no avail.

    So I was wondering, do any of you guys have any tips or even a website that could better teach me some basic skills in web design?
    It really hinders your project work when you can't afford a designer and you like doing things yourself!

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    Take a look at bootstrap.

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    Thank you, this is extremely helpful!

    However I feel there may be a misunderstanding, I don't want super flashy visuals but certain aspects of design theory are practiced even in plain sites.

    Theories like the concept of white-space and colours (if any) going well together, and how to not cramp your data nor leave it too far apart.

    These are the design aspects I was referring to (though I put it across badly by assuming this was obvious).

    When looking at successful game review websites they clearly have tight-knit information that is all easily accessible and separated in a decent manner, I have NO concept of how to achieve this; especially when this site is designed to review material meaning I am avoiding a lot of the 'news' section, which these other sites use to keep their sites up-to-date, interesting to many at once and always drawing in new traffic.

    So, knowing all this, I guess I'm asking for tips on standardized formatting, rather than "LOOK AT ME I'M FLASHY".

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    "Your logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it's located prominently on your site," says Tiffany Monhollon, senior content marketing manager at online marketer ReachLocal.

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