First off, yes, I did a search...

I used to program in C++ (many years ago) and know Java but I am a novice Java programmer. I have a fair knowledge of Oracle's Netbeans where I created the tables and attributes and I've used (C++) Eclipse.

What I'm trying to do is build a web-based proof-of-concept that includes a simple web interface where users from anywhere can access a database and run various commands like enter data, search data, etc. While the interface and access to the DB will be relatively simple, what runs underneath the covers is not as simple.

I can handle the tasks for manipulating the data in the DB. I can develop the DB (MySQL) tables, normalize the DB, and create the relationships and keys (primary & foreign), etc. What I haven't been able to do is develop the web interface to access the DB successfully (complete and utter failure). I've gone to the Oracle site and have gone through their examples and still am out in left field.

Is there a "web IDE" that makes it relatively straightforward for a newbie to develop a simple web-based application? Or is there a good tutorial book that can teach one to develop a web-based app relatively quickly (I'm not looking to become an expert; just need to make it through the POC)?

In advance, I appreciate any help you can provide. If you know of a site that has excellent examples/tutorials (better than Oracle's since many of their tutorials kind of work, kind of don't, didn't really help) - I'll go there and try their examples. If you know of a good book on web design for newbies, I'll check it out. Any other help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,