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Thread: My website dont show up in google

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    Jun 2014

    My website dont show up in google

    my website www.digitalkatalog.no does not show up very well in google anymore. Until january/february 2014 it was ranked as nr.1 when I search for words like "digital katalog" and/or "digitakatalog", but not anymore.

    In 2011/2012 I was stupid enough to buy some SEO-services that should help getting my website ranked high. And it really did for some time.. but now I rank really low on all these words like "ebrosjyre" "ekatalog" etc.
    What the SEO-service did was creating a lot of backlinks to my site, such as this: http://urlm.no/www.digitalkatalog.no

    What could I do? I have tried Google Disavow tool, but it doesnt seem to work at all, now after 3 months it did not have an effect. All "bad links" still are there in google search.
    -Should I switch my site over to a new domainname, and then change some of its content/text?

    Is it possible for me to contact google in some way..?

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    Feb 2014
    Friend i want to know have you add your website in Google Webmaster Tools?
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    May 2014
    Check if there are still toxic links in your google webmaster and try to disavow them.Also from now onwards, you shouldn't be focusing on link building since the website contains a lot of backlinks within it and hence its better to focus on content marketing.
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    Remove information from Google: https://support.google.com/websearch.../3111061?hl=en
    Google URL Removal Tool : https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals

    I hope, it will help you.
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    Jun 2014
    Hi, Ive tried google url remove tool and remove information. Thx for your suggestions.
    What is weird is that when I google "digitalkatalog" the first result regarding my website is shown on page 2: "www.digitalkatalog.no/ils-etap/"
    Why is this the first result that is shown, and not "www.digitalkatalog.no"? I really cant understand this..
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    Jun 2014
    I had Disallow: / in robot.txt
    Could this cause www.digitalkatalog.no to not show up when search for word "digitalkatalog" ?

    I have now completely removed robot.txt

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    Try with a new website instead of wasting your time in old one.
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    Jul 2014
    I think your last SEO services have done spam or black hat seo. Now use Google Disavow tool or manually remove links. and Stop linkbuilding for your site.
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    While I don't know the language the site is in so it's hard to rank your content quality, it has several accessibility failings that should be addressed, and under the hood the code is just... bloated non-semantic nonsense.

    I mean, we pull up the document structure, you've got H3 with no H2 before it, so just what is that a subsection of? You've got H4 that don't seem to actually be the start of subsections with content, so that's abuse of numbered headings... those ALONE could get you slapped down.

    You've got TD+STRONG doing TH's job, no scope on those (though it could also be better as a DL than a table), presentational style in the markup, decade out of date font technology in the form of the train wreck known as CuFon, static scripting in the markup, static style in the markup, an overstuffed keywords meta with zero relevance to the content of BODY, speed-blocking placement of the google analytics script (should be moved to right before </body> or axed outright)...

    ... and that's before we talk the endless pointless "scripting for nothing" making the page slow as molassas; and with search engines now also penalizing websites for speed, the 605k in 43 files is also a likely contributor to poor ranking, as is the 40k of markup to deliver a mere 1.39k of content and a half dozen content images -- easily six to eight times what should have been used!

    Making the lack of graceful degradation and non-semantic markup worse is the accessibility failings in the design -- this wouldn't effect your rankings, but it's very likely to result in a large number of bounces. There's something called the "trifecta of /FAIL/" in web design, and your site has ALL THREE. It's a fixed width layout, with uselessly tiny fixed metric (px) fonts, with several places having colour contrasts between foreground and background far below accessibility minimums.

    Really it's another case where my advice would be to throw that away and start over clean with semantic markup, separation of presentation from content, built with progressive enhancement to have semi-fluid elastic responsive design. It's just another laundry list of how not to build a website.

    ... and sorry to say, it sounds like you got taken for a ride by one of the many SEO scam artists out there, most of whom don't know enough about HTML, CSS, websites or even search engines to be flapping their gums on the topic.
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    Jun 2014
    Thanks for your reply.
    With a new website you mean also changing domain-name? or just build a new webpage, and keep the domain?
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    Jun 2014
    I have stopped linkbuilding, and Ive tried Google Disallow tools, but 3 months after ive added the links nothing have changed.

    Anyway, the "Disallow: /" in robot.txt is removed now. Wouldnt that help...? discovered it accidentally today
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    When I say a new site, the domain can probably be salvaged. You just have to 'prove to google' you're trying to do things better.

    ... though yeah, a "disallow:/" in your robots.txt? ouch. I didn't even look there and that would mean the search engines flat out ignore the entire site. Serious "well there's your problem" on that one.

    But then in all but a handful of cases, I say if you have to have a robots.txt or a robots meta, you may have done something wrong. Only reason I usually have one is my directory full of rewrites of other people's pages (so I don't steal their search mojo), an empty one so that the error log isn't filled with pointless 404, or in the case of the META I'll sometimes use NOODP.

    But on a normal website for it's normal pages? Serves no legitimate purpose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deathshadow View Post

    ... though yeah, a "disallow:/" in your robots.txt? ouch. I didn't even look there and that would mean the search engines flat out ignore the entire site. Serious "well there's your problem" on that one.
    Thanks for all help all of you. How many days/weeks will it take for google to update my search results? is there something I can do to speed up the process thx
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    Failing with most web pages is the META data is not completed and when it is, you find some people put in keywords that do not relate to their site.

    Yes META data does help, I got a couple of websites I worked on a couple of years ago ranked in the top 10 search results, one of them was pole position and the previous developer had not done the job right.

    Paying a search engine, if a business then you can afford it and you will or should appear as a sponsored link, if you have no change in your websites position then demand your money back from the listing site.
    --> JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Node <--
    ... and please remember to wrap code with forum BBCode tags:-

    [CODE]...[/CODE] [HTML]...[/HTML] [PHP]...[/PHP]

    If you can't think outside the box, you will be trapped forever with no escape...
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    If you used google webmaster to disavow your links then keep calm, it will delete your links. Now I think there is no need to buy another domain name. You can DO SEO for your website with your own. And know one thing use only white hat SEO, you can hire a company, but if you have proper knowledge of their work, never repeat your previous mistake.
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