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Thread: Css 3-d flip

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    Css 3-d flip

    How to flip div using CSS 3-D transformation and transitions without using jquery/javascript?

    If you are looking for something like this you are at right place, this is kind of a tutorial to do CSS 3-D flip.Okay lets get started with our HTML code.

    <section class="container" >
      <div id="card">
        <figure class="front"></figure>
        <figure class="back face"></figure>
    Figure: Defines self-contained content, like illustrations, diagrams, photos, code listings, etc.

    Now lets start styling our HTML in CSS.

    .container {
       width: 259px;
       height: 350px;
       position: relative;
       margin: 10px auto 40px;
       -webkit-perspective: 800px;
         -moz-perspective: 800px;
           -o-perspective: 800px;
              perspective: 800px;
    To activate 3-D space, an element needs perspective. The value of perspective determines the intensity of the 3-D effect. Think of it as a distance from the viewer to the object. The greater the value, the further the distance, so the less intense the visual effect.perspective: 2000; yields a subtle 3-D effect, as if we were viewing an object from far away.perspective: 100; produces a tremendous 3-D effect, like a tiny insect viewing a massive object.
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    Really nice. keep it up dude

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    Quote Originally Posted by drwebsitesuk View Post
    Really nice. keep it up dude
    Thank you

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