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Thread: on ul li how not to fire click babble on children

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    on ul li how not to fire click babble on children

    on ul li how not to fire click on children..
    how to make each tag independent from babbling down events?


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    If I understand
    $('.dropdown').click(function (event) { 
        if(event.target.getAttribute('class')=='dropdown') { alert('click on dropdown'); } 
    This code is working on Firefox 4.0b9
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    1) I assume you mean bubbling.

    2) The bubble order is child to parent, not the other way around...

    Ayşe has it right that you're pretty much going to have to check it by class. Either that or you could add a child like a span for the text content, and target just that instead of the parent tag that wraps everything.

    *** SIDE NOTE *** all those data attributes in a dropdown is... well, making me suspicious you're using JS for nothing.

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