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Thread: How do I remove my home address from my Google+ page?

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    How do I remove my home address from my Google+ page?

    I've recently set up a google+ page for my business and now it's showing my address, which I don't want it to because that is my home address. I wouldn't mind if it were an office but not my home address.

    Well anyway, i've looked at tutorials but they have explained but it seems like what they say is an old way to do it, Google+ Local is replacing Google places so...

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    If it's a business page, but your office is not at home address, you should be able to remove home address.

    Try to do the following:

    1) Log into G+, click Pages on the left, and Manage the page in question
    2) Click on Edit business information on the page for your business
    3) Click on the pencil close to the address
    4) Check the box stating, “My business has service areas where I visit customers at their location.”
    5) Uncheck the box saying, “I serve customers at my business address.”

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