Hey people,

I'm currently a Product Support Engineer at a company called Teradata. It's alright but my real desire is to go into web development. I've had a couple jobs since I graduated that were in that sphere, but then I took this because honestly the offer was just to good to turn down...and I have fun as long as I'm geeking out in some way.

So how does a guy like myself bolster his portfolio to be able to move into the web dev? I have some really clunky stuff on my website...I thought about maybe gearing the projects I had worked on before, into something I can showcase on my site. But I assume most employers will want something I did for a client. So should I just volunteer the time (kinda hard with full-time job and grad school)? Or will employers take projects I've worked on for myself as proof of my expertise?

And finally....I've worked with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, and a bit of PHP. Is it necessary for a web developer to know photoshop (or gimp which I use for easy photo manipulation)?

Thanks in advance for any advice.