Me and my community are re-building our whole site.
Because the current one isn't really looking professional.
It's a community project... So EVERYONE can join.
Well, everyone with the required knowledge.

We need two kind of people.

Security/Ethical Hacking:
Security will be our head-purpose, this requires knowledge about:

  • SQLi
  • XSS
  • Brute-Forcing
  • FTP-servers
  • DDoS'ing

One of those is also okay.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP (Basics//Optional)
  • RESPONSIVE web-design
  • User-friendly 'GUI'
  • Lightweight programming
  • FTP-servers

We've already found some awesome users in the iCode4U community who are willing to help, and who already posted/coded some ideas. You can also post and discuss about it in a private section you'll get access to.
The community is still small, but we are growing, getting some members, and almost answered 1500 questions!
It looks 'dead' but that is because there are not many people of the same time-zone... We're growing fast however.

As ethical hacker you're allowed to use pentesting tools on our site, we do this to make sure Black Hat hackers can't break in into our system.
I'll do some ethical hacking around there as well.

Web-designers must have knowledge about these coding languages, and be able to program responsive (Responsive - Site adjusted to all devices/browsers), and lightweight to make it faster loading.

Do you think you're good enough for one of these (ethical hacking/web-design), feel free to PM me here on webdeveloper.com for further info!
It's 100% volunteer work, your reward are awesome new tech-friends, and your name (and optional your site/your adf.ly (or any other) link so you can make some money) gets displayed on a special thanks-to page.
I thought this website was the right place to ask this!

Thanks for reading,

MORE INFO: PM me here/register: http://icode4u.prophpbb.com/topic284.html