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Thread: Count instances of class use on a page?

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    Count instances of class use on a page?

    I'd like to use JavaScript to count how many times I use a CSS class in a document and then tally them in an array, and then display it on a page. What I'd like to do, specifically, is count the instances in the particular page on which I'm running the script. Is there a way to do this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I haven't tested this at all but you might want to give it a shot. Run this function after the DOM has loaded. It should return an object with all the keys being the names of the CSS classes in the page and their respective values will be the number of times they are used in the page. No warranties apply.

    function classFinder(){
        var i, len, j, jLen, all, el, cl;
        all = {};
        el = document.getElementsByTagName("*");
        len = el.length;
        for(i = 0; i < len; i++){
    	cl = el[i][className];  //get className of each element
    	if(cl === undefined || cl.length === 0){
    	cl = cl.split(' ');  //break down into individual classes
    	jLen = cl.length;
    	for(j = 0; j < jLen; j++){
    	    if(!all[cl[j]]){  //create entry of class name if not already there
    		all[cl[j]] = 0;
    	    all[cl[j]]++;  //increment number of specific class found
        return all;

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    May already be available in the more recent browsers,

    but you can also use: http://www.javascriptsource.com/snip...tsbyclass.html
    or: http://www.dustindiaz.com/getelementsbyclass/
    or: http://snipplr.com/view/37097/getelementsbyclass/

    Or if you already know the class name you want to count,
    see: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/...ntsByClassName

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