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Thread: what do you guys think about adobe edge code?

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    what do you guys think about adobe edge code?

    hey what's up guys, since im a pretty big fan of adobe, i was wondering if i should download adobe edge code (its free!) and learn to use it, cause since it "just" came out i dont know if its that good. what do you think?

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    It's a code editor. It's free. Download it and play around with it a bit, and decide if you think it will help you to be productive in the way that you work, or if it's just a lot of features you don't need and don't have the time to learn. Every developer is different, and one developer's awesome IDE is another developers bloated piece of junk -- but all that matters in the end is what works for you.
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    I think like the rest of Adobe's garbage, it's a bunch of pointless crap designed to make websites very flashy looking, and far, FAR less useful to who's really important in building a website: VISITORS.

    Just another way to piss all over a page's functionality and usefulness; kind of like Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc, etc...

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