hey what's up guys, im new over here, i registered on this website cause im sooo confused and i hope that you can help me.
ok first off, i'd really like to become a web developer/designer at the same time and i just started out learning (im 20 by the way).
i learned html and css and i think im pretty good with using them (not that much cause i have like 2 weeks of experience haha) but i remember EVERY tag by heart and i know how to use them all, i just lack of practice.
so, at first, i created some basic pages just to practice a little and i can say that i could do almost everything i wanted to do and now i want to start doing something a little more serious.
i dont want to learn javascript yet, cause i want to master first css and html "perfectly".
so i started looking for some softwares (i've been using sublime text 3 to code and its pretty awesome), but i saw that most of the people on youtube, create layouts with photoshop and then "convert" them in html and css somehow (i was about to start learning how), but then i read that photoshop ain't the right software to use for webdesign and i should use something like fireworks but now fireworks is like "dead" (they're not updating it anymore) and thus i should use edge reflow, and here's my problem:
  • what my workflow has to be like?? what tools should i use?
  • should i only code without using any software like photoshop/dreamweaver/illustrator etc etc etc etc?
  • should i learn to use them to get the best out of layouts?
  • should i create a layout with photoshop and then export it to edge flow?
  • should i create the layout with photoshop and then export it to dreamweaver like many people do on youtube?
  • should i create everything with these tools even though i wont be coding THAT much? (i REALLY want to learn how to code.)

sooo you got my point, im confused af haha can you help me out please? what should i learn how to do? now that i learned css and html how can i make the best website using only those 2?